What should be the winter skin care routine?  Know the right way of skin care in this season

Winter Skincare Routine : Winters have started. In such a situation, things like dryness of the skin, darkening of the skin and cracking of the skin etc. start happening in the skin. At this time the skin needs more care. Because at this time the skin becomes very dry. Many women also go to parlor for skin care. But many times women are not able to go to the parlor due to paucity of time. In such a situation, women have to take care of their skin at home. Today we are going to tell you what should be the skin routine in winter and with the help of these special tips, you can take care of your skin. By taking care of the skin in winter, the skin will look fresh along with nourishing the skin. Let’s know about the winter skin care routine.


In winter, it is very important to clean the face internally. Sometimes from above, the skin is cleaned. But the pores of the skin do not get cleaned. In this case, take a little cleanser on cotton. Now clean the face with this cleanser. If you don’t have cleanser, raw milk You can also clean your face with the help of Lactic acid is found in milk, which cleanses the skin and also makes it shiny.


After cleansing the skin, it is also very important to exfoliate the skin. Because by exfoliating the skin, the pores of the skin are cleaned properly and the skin also becomes soft. But keep in mind whenever you exfoliate your face. Use light hands only. You can also use home exfoliate. Coffee and oats can be used to exfoliate the face.

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To nourish the face, it is necessary to massage the skin. After scrubbing the same, they become even more important. Because after this the skin needs nutrition. The skin remains very dry in winter. In such Aloe vera gel Or you can also massage the skin with coconut oil.


Moisturizing the skin is very important for skin care in winter. This makes the skin soft and shiny. Moisturizer prevents the skin from getting dry. Moisturizer maintains the moisture of the skin.

Skin can be taken care of in winter through these 4 steps. But keep in mind if you have done any treatment, then follow these steps only after asking your beauty expert.

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