Why is there a cavity in the eye?  Learn its causes and prevention tips

Eye Stye Causes and Prevention: The problem of bilni or cavity in the eye is a common problem and every person has this problem sometime. Actually, it is a kind of infection in the eye, due to which pimples are formed when the infection spreads in the eyelashes and hair follicles. Sometimes the cavity turns into a painful lump and due to this the patient has to face severe pain and swelling. Bilni or Guheri is also known as Stye and Hordeolum in English. Due to bacterial infection, this problem is seen more in people. In many cases, cavities heal on their own. In this article, let us know why there is a cavity in the eye and how to avoid this problem?

Why is there a cavity in the eye? – What Causes Eye Stye?

Due to the problem of cavity or bilni in the eye, a red colored lump is formed on the eyelids of the eye. Due to this, there is also swelling and pain in the eyes. In many people, this problem occurs on the outer side of the eyelids, while in some people, the cavity can also be on the inside side. If you do not get cured on your own, you may have to go to the doctor in this problem.

Eye Stye Causes and Prevention

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The main reasons for having a cavity in the eye are as follows-

  • itching and hives due to allergies
  • due to not getting enough sleep
  • using contact lenses
  • due to eye makeup
  • due to touching eyes with dirty hands
  • due to washing eyes with contaminated water
  • causes of blepharitis in your eyelid
  • due to diabetes
  • seborrheic dermatitis
  • ocular rosacea
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Symptoms of cavity in the eye- Eye Stye Symptoms

These symptoms appear when there is a cavity problem in the eye-

  • lump on eyelids
  • blurred vision
  • swollen eyelids
  • Pain in the eyes.
  • frequent itching in the eyes
  • eye swelling

Tips to avoid the problem of cavity in the eye- Eye Stye Prevention

To avoid the problem of cavity in the eye, you should take special care of the cleanliness of the eyes. Avoid touching the eye repeatedly with dirty hands and consult a doctor if the allergy increases. If you use contact lenses, take special care of their cleanliness and consult a doctor if there is any kind of problem.

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