Which fruits should not be eaten with medicine?  Are you also making a mistake unknowingly?

In illness, you are often advised to eat fruits. Fruits contain many vitamins that help you recover faster. Along with this, the doctor gives you medicines to cure the disease. These medicines are essential for your health. But do you know that some fruits should not be consumed with medicines. If you also consume fruits along with medicines, then it can be harmful for you. Know from Dr. Ashok Jain of City Hospital, what kind of fruits should not be eaten with which medicines. Let us know which fruits you should not eat with medicines.

When should not eat banana

Potassium is found in high amounts in bananas. If you are taking medicines for blood pressure, hypertension, stroke, heart disease and kidney diseases, then you should not consume bananas with medicines. If you still want to eat banana, then take it in limited quantity. Eating bananas along with medicines can cause problems for you if you have heart problems.

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Pineapple juice

People who have blood related diseases and are taking blood thinners. They should avoid eating pineapple. Bromelain is found in pineapple, which works to reduce the effect of blood related drugs. Along with this, one should avoid eating pineapple while taking antibiotics.

fruit not eaten with medicine

disadvantages of apple

Some medicines should be avoided with apple. Patients taking chemotherapy should avoid eating apples. Also, apples should not be consumed while taking certain medications like atenolol.

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People taking medicines for heart related problems should not eat cranberry just before or after the medicine. There are many elements found in cranberries that affect the metabolism and reduce the effect of the drug.

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Avoid eating oranges or citrus fruits just before or just after taking the medicine. Because citrus fruits react rapidly with many medicines. Apart from this, you can also see many side effects. Citrus fruits should primarily be avoided with allergy medications.

By the way, fruits do not give you any side effects. But eating fruits should be avoided with certain medicines.

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