What is monkeypox virus?


Monkeypox is a kind of infectious disease, Monkeypox virus There is a virus that has been common among the people of Africa for many years.


But for some time monkeypox has started spreading in other countries of the world. World Health Organization (WHO) says that till now this virus (Monkeypox virus)

About 28 to 30

countries have been affected by this.


It is mainly in Canada, America, Australia, UK, UK, besides many other European countries

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Most cases of Monkeypox virus so far Britain have been found in.


1.5 in. x 5.5 in. x 96 in



There has been no confirmation of its case in India so far, but still according to experts, there is a need to be careful about it.

Monkeypox Disease Behavior

– chills accompanied by high fever – red rash or rash on the body – body fatigue and weakness – muscle and body aches – fever with severe headache – swelling along with joint pain