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Teeja Punjab  Movie There was quite a lot of hype across the movie so I considered watching it. The movie looks like it’s associated with farmers, the promotions have been additionally finished in such a fashion. At the start itself, there’s music in which you’ll be able to hear the problems associated with audio. This is a steady mistake within the movie however there are technical points within the audio all through the movie.

Teeja Punjab" Movie

Secondly, Amberdeep, who’s the author, director and likewise appears within the movie. His dialogue supply is less than par, the pace at which Amber speaks is so quick that one can’t perceive a number of the dialogues in between! What surprises me is that Amber wasn’t guided and even requested to enhance throughout the dubbing by the sound engineer and even when the post-production was being finished.

Moreover, the tempo of the Teeja Punjab  Movie is painstakingly gradual a lot in order that the viewer is confused as to what they’re attempting to point out since there are such a lot of sub-plots that one will get misplaced within the story (not in a great way).  This ends in the story mixing whereas the viewer retains attempting to attach again to the occasions within the story.

Next, Aditi Dev Sharma, who makes a look within the movie, is a well-experienced actor. But whenever you hear Aditi’s dubbing, the primary thought that you simply get is the Shehnaaz Gill similarity after which later you really hear the actress. So the shift in her dubbing was not required in response to me, it was disturbing.

Then, as soon as you might be like there’s nothing extra within the Teeja Punjab  Movie, they present you duos of Karamjit Anmol and Hardeep Gill. Now, this pairing has a jugalbandi of comedy happening between themselves which sparks emotion and hope in you that the movie is valued it. But sadly, until the tip, this sense additionally passes away and it feels such as you’ve been betrayed as what the duo did looks like a one-time factor. Other than this, you additionally see Bjayy Randhawa within the movie. Bjayy had gained enormous viewers after his movie ‘Shooter’ and is on excessive notice in his profession. However, the function given to Bjayy is of an alcoholic and in that too the character isn’t as enjoyable and fulfilling as one would anticipate.

Talking about Amberdeep, his dialogue supply was a sore level as aforementioned however then the following huge downside was that no scene was given sufficient time to course of, for instance, in a scene the place the viewers may cry, or a scene the place the son is leaving his mom or a scene the place you possibly can actually roll off laughing… all these scenes have been missed alternative as a result of lack of emotion. The cause this occurs is both as a result of Amberdeep couldn’t direct himself correctly or possibly the scenes weren’t deliberate beforehand.

Most folks within the trade or those that observe him know that that is Amberdeep’s fashion— enjoying round with scenes on set or impromptu writing. So possibly the preliminary concept was one thing else however it grew to become completely different when Amber acquired onset and felt the necessity to change the path. Another fault was that in case your character is a typical Pendu boy, who’s surviving on minimal wants, the actor’s garments, hair and even make-up shouldn’t be so prim and correct, as a result of the look makes the viewers really feel disconnected to the backstory of the character. So the feelings weren’t correct already and as well as the contemporary look, made Amber’s character look much more faux!

There was additionally a second the place music is available in and talks associated to the farmers’ protest is available in, the essence of the music was that Karamjit Anmol, Hardeep Gill, and Raj Dhaliwal enter as corporators attempting to take over the farmers lands and making the farmers prisoners who work for company, however then at one level they’re carrying ties and id playing cards and they’re dancing. This scene was fully irrelevant and made me really feel like ‘ah ki paa ta viche yaar’. Similar ideas have been happening throughout the precise farmer’s protest, however, the visible illustration within the Teeja Punjab  Movie felt like a disrespect to the unique concept. So the best way this thought was visualized within the movie felt shallow.

Moving on, once we take into consideration Amberdeep’s movies or Amber and Ammy Virk’s movies, the very best components of those movies are their songs however in this movie, there isn’t one music which is value remembering and even relistening! There is music throughout the latter half of the film ‘Je Jatt Vigad Gaya’ after which it hits you… this movie was initially known as ‘Je Jatt Vigad Gaya’ and the poster was of Amber sitting on a jeep with a turban. Then you begin co-relating that this movie’s title was modified to ‘Teeja Punjab’ however why? Because the movie doesn’t justify the title. Also, Teeja Punjab  Movie is nowhere close to the expectations of the viewers and even the pictures from the precise protest are blurred.

If we have a look at camerawork, many of the pictures are out-of-focus because the digicam is specializing in the particular person subsequent to the one it’s required to. Next, it is necessary for me to say that each one the actors within the movie—Karamjit Anmol, B.N. Sharma, Aditi Sharma, Nirmal Rishi, Gurpreet Kaur Bhangu— all of them have been wasted within the movie. Why do I say this? Because all these actors have such big potential that when they’re under-utilized with facet roles, it doesn’t sit properly with an individual like me. These folks aren’t made for such small roles, anybody may have acted in these.

Coming to the nice half, one character, Bishna is so cute. The baby did his function effectively, as an alternative of wanting right here and there like different youngsters, his appearing was commendable. Then the one-liners Amber has simply would possibly crack you up generally however principally it feels just like the emotion of the scene and the one-liner doesn’t match.

Now, if in case you have seen the movie, you would possibly relate with me that the message of the movie is unclear. The finished product was all combined up, the movie was directionless and went haywire. It tried to touch all completely different features be it concord, home fights, materialistic ladies, the farmers’ protest, village fights, land-related points. So as a result of there was a lot nobody message stood up clearly. The saddest half is that the movie couldn’t present justice to even one among these themes.

At the tip, there’s one scene that’s action-packed. In that, the costumes have been such that the actors have been actually dripping with sweat which made me factor, the manufacturing may’ve switched on some followers at least. So if we discuss concerning the manufacturing worth of the movie, everybody’s garments have been actually soaked which felt irritating in any case it’s a movie!

Except this, I have a request for Bjayy Randhawa that it’s after quite a lot of exhausting work you may have created a spot for yourself within the trade and I agree that it is rather troublesome to maintain this place however by selecting such roles you yourself deliver down your market worth. I believe that via Bjayy’s character, Amberdeep tried to paint the facet of the farmer’s protest which was the loud and aggressive youth. But the viewers couldn’t relate to it as a result of Bjayy isn’t somebody who ought to be doing such roles. This is my suggestion to Bjayy, you may all the time select to disregard it.

Last however not least, the crucial factor is Nimrat is such an actress who doesn’t get appropriate roles. This level is simply confirmed appropriate via the movie as a result of the one issue that one would watch this movie is Nimra’s character. She was so sturdy all through the movie that she carried it the entire time! And I don’t say this as a result of her being gorgeous, it’s the reverse. Nimrat’s character within the movie wasn’t glamorous in any respect! It had fundamental make-up and even the imperfections have been seen, which was really good. The manner she delivered her dialogues and her portrayal of the function, mind-blowing, it was very good! And after such movies, I really feel that sure, I ought to do such evaluations extra actually because no less than it makes me conscious of the actor’s potential.

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So I believe that as an alternative of bringing in Bollywood divas and conditioning them, Punjabi movie producers ought to decide up extra homegrown women as a result of there’s quite a lot of potential within the women right here, we simply lack at exploring it. Anyways, if you’re an Amberdeep or Nimrat Khaira fan, you may watch this movie however if you wish to watch a great Punjabi movie, I counsel ready for an additional one. Lastly, the movie as we are able to say ‘vikhar gayi’ and didn’t have a center level to it. It proved ineffective and my money and time have been wasted on Teeja Punjab  Movie. This is my evaluate and the others are all the time free to disagree.