Sesame should not be eaten by these 5 types of people, health can be harmed

Side Effects Of Having Sesame Seeds: Sesame is very beneficial for the body. Most people like to eat it in winter. Apart from keeping the body warm, sesame also strengthens the bones. But do you know that along with the benefits of eating sesame, there are also disadvantages. Along with the problem of diarrhea, eating sesame also increases weight rapidly, people who are trying to lose weight should avoid eating sesame. Sesame also increases belly fat. Pregnant women should also avoid eating sesame seeds. Let us know about the disadvantages of eating sesame seeds.

rapid weight gain

Regular consumption of sesame increases weight rapidly. Sesame seeds are rich in fat, calories and fat, which increases the weight rapidly. Belly fat also increases rapidly due to excessive consumption of sesame. If you have been trying to lose weight for a long time, then avoid consuming sesame seeds.


The effect of sesame is hot. In such a situation, by eating more sesame seeds diarrhea problem May be Sesame doesn’t suit many people. People who do not have strong digestive system. They should avoid consuming sesame seeds. The problem of diarrhea can increase on eating sesame seeds.


itching problem

Avoid eating sesame seeds if your skin is sensitive. because mole on the skin allergy problem can be increased. Eating too much sesame can cause problems like rash, redness and itching. Before eating sesame, you must taste it a little bit.

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hair loss

Eating sesame can lead to excessive hair fall. Because sesame makes hair follicles dry. Due to which hair falls fast. The problem of hair fall in winter is very high anyway. In such a situation, along with eating sesame seeds, the hair also starts falling rapidly.

risk of miscarriage

Pregnant women should avoid consuming sesame seeds. Because there is a risk of miscarriage due to excessive consumption of sesame seeds. Eating sesame can also have a bad effect on the health of the baby and it also affects the brain development of the child. Sesame should be avoided by pregnant women.

Eating sesame can also cause some harm to the body. In such a situation, before eating sesame, take the opinion of the doctor.

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