These 8 symptoms are seen when there is an infection in the lungs, know the treatment and ways to avoid it.

Symptoms of Infection in Lungs: Lungs are a very important part of our body. It works to circulate oxygen in our body, purify the blood as well as filter the breath we take. They play an important role in absorbing and releasing carbon dioxide from the blood. But these days due to bad environment, pollution, dust and harmful particles present in the air, the air we are breathing is very harmful for our lungs. It affects the function of our lungs and damages them. Contaminated air also contains particles of infection, which makes you more vulnerable to infection. This is the reason why respiratory problems like asthma have become very common among people these days.

When you inhale any infection or harmful particles present in the air through breath, it affects your lungs first. The problem of infection in the lungs is very common, due to which people have to face many problems. But a lung infection can be very damaging to your overall health in the long run, weakening your lungs and causing respiratory problems. Many people often ask how to detect infection in the lungs? Or how can we know about its beginning. According to Dr Sonam Solanki, Consultant Pulmonologist, Masina Hospital, Mumbai, you may see several signs and symptoms when you have a lung infection, Pneumonia is also an infection of the lungs, in which You get to see many types of problems. In this article, we are telling you 8 symptoms of lung infection and preventive measures.

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Symptoms Of Lung Infection

Symptoms of Lung Infection

  • cough with mucus and blood
  • Shortness of breath and chest pain
  • Can sometimes cause confusion in adults
  • feel cold, sweat profusely
  • The problem of fever is also seen in some people.
  • Lower body temperature than normal, especially in older people
  • Problems like vomiting and diarrhea are seen along with nausea.
  • Shortness of breath or inability to perform short and normal activities

Although the symptoms of lung infection in young children are usually not seen quickly. Usually only problems like fever, cough, vomiting and diarrhea are seen in them. There is less energy in them, there is also difficulty in breathing and eating anything.

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Lung Infection Treatment

Dr. Sonam Solanki If you experience the above symptoms, you must contact a doctor immediately. So that he can find out the exact reason behind it and provide you the right treatment. Usually doctors advise you to take some medicines and take precautions for its treatment.

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Apart from this, to keep the lungs healthy, the doctor can advise you to follow some simple steps like ..

  • Wear a mask while going out of the house
  • use air purifiers at home
  • Take care of cleanliness, thoroughly clean the dust and soil accumulated in the house
  • Do yoga and breathing exercises, this will help in strengthening the lungs.
  • Do exercise regularly, it is not necessary that you exercise only by lifting heavy weights, you can also do morning walk, running, swimming, cycling etc.
  • Have a healthy diet. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, which are rich in nutrients.
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If a person is suffering from any virus, cold or other infection, then it is prudent to keep away from him.

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