Is it safe or not to give steam when baby has a cold?  Know doctor's opinion

In case of cold and flu, the help of steam or steam is taken. Taking steam is beneficial for opening a blocked nose. The moisture present in the air loosens the mucus accumulated in the nose and makes breathing easier. Taking steam is also considered beneficial to remove the problem of sore throat and cough. But should it be used for small children or babies? We will know the answer to this further. For better information on this topic, we Dr. Seema Yadav, MD Physician, Care Institute of Life Sciences, Lucknow talked to.

steam for babies

Is it safe to give steam to a baby who has a cold?

Yes, you can give steam to your baby. By inhaling steam, the baby will get relief from problems like blocked nose, shortness of breath, cold etc. You can use vaporizer or humidifier to give steam. Water is heated with the help of vaporizer and the steam of hot water goes into the nose and throat, which relieves the symptoms of cold and flu.

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Taking steam does not increase immunity

Taking steam helps in keeping the respiratory organs healthy but it does not increase immunity. Taking steam opens the blocked nose due to the moisture present in the air. If a child gets Kovid, then he can be given steam for cold and cold and blocked nose, but Kovid is not cured by taking steam.

How to give steam to the baby?

  • To give steam, fill hot water in a tub or bucket.
  • You can give steam to the child for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Keep in mind that you can add a pinch of salt to the water, but do not add vapor rub or bomb.
  • You can make the baby sit on your lap to give steam.
  • Due to this, the baby does not feel that you are doing some different treatment with him.
  • Doctors do not recommend using vapor rub for children younger than 2 years.
  • Humidifier or vaporizer can be used to give steam to the child.
  • This keeps moisture in the air and provides relief from the symptoms of cold.
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Take these precautions before giving steam to your baby

1. If using a humidifier to give steam to the baby, keep the device clean. Bacteria can grow in it.

2. Keep in mind that do not let the child go too close to hot water. This may cause the child to get drenched or he may feel pain from the hot water.

3. If you are using hot steam vaporizer for steam, then keep the child a little away, otherwise his skin may burn.

4. If your child does not feel safe inhaling steam, do not force him.

5. Use a vaporizer that automatically shuts off. This will turn off the appliance after heating the water for the specified time.

6. Do not give steam to the baby in a pan or bowl. Also do not use steam steamer. This allows the water to come out easily.

Is it safe to give steam to a baby? Yes, you can give steam to the baby, but take care of all the necessary precautions. Hot water can burn the baby’s skin, so take special care.

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