The music industry is going day by day. Nowadays it’s a time of fusion. In every field of life, we see that there is a western touch. People widely accept fusion it maybe in food, clothing, music, etc. Here we are talking about Music fusion.

Inder D last level

Inder D last level is a good example of fusion. The rap industry has no limits. Inder adopted the rap style with desi lyrics. He is publicly known as Inder D Last Level. Three years ago he started his musical ride with the song named “Gediyan” after that he released his solo tracks back to back. The most popular tracks of his are Luxury Ride, I Like You, Paisa, No Lie, Bottle, Kali Kali Raat, Nazar, Luxury Life. He recently released the “Turban Gang” song. In a lockdown, his song 2021 was released. Inder is a big fan of Punjabi renowned singer “Surjit Singh Bindrakhia” as a tribute he also sang a song on him.

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His youtube channel is growing day by day. A Sardar person doing Raping is a unique combination for the audience. In the future there are many songs are coming by Inder D Last Level.