Harman Mann recently tweet on his official Twitter account @imharmanmann about his new IKIGAI Album. He and his team going to make history first time in the world music industry with their big album ‘Ikigai’  100days = 100 songs (ikigai is a Japanese concept that means your ‘ reason for being. iki means ‘Life’ and ‘gai’ describes value or worth).

Ikigai Album

This album is a very unique and different concept in the music industry. This is a totally multi-genre based album. Harman Mann follows his ikigai that is Music. Harman Mann and his team release songs every day for 100 days . Harman Mann’s aim is to hit the world music chart with his music.

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Harman Mann Future plans are as different as his journey. The album starts from 1dec 2021 on dreamboy production official youtube channel and on all the digital platforms till 10 march 2022