What is Hair Botox Treatment?  Know what to do and what not to do after this procedure

To keep hair healthy, people get many treatments done, one of which is Hair Botox. Deep conditioning of hair is done through Hair Botox Treatment. This treatment is very popular on social media, but before getting it done, you should have complete information about it. After hair Botox treatment, special care of hair is required. Failure to do so can worsen the health of the hair instead of improving it. If during this time you do not take care of the important things, then the effect of the treatment will not be visible on the hair for a long time. In this article we will know what to do and what not to do after hair botox.

hair botox treatment

What is Hair Botox Treatment? – Hair Botox Treatment

Hair Botox is a process in which compounds beneficial to hair are applied to the hair in the form of a hair mask. This treatment brings shine to the hair. Hair appears smooth, straight and frizz-free. Damaged hair is repaired with the help of Hair Botox treatment. Botox treatment is done on the skin as well as on the hair.

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How is Hair Botox done?

  • In the Hair Botox treatment, the hair is first cleaned with the help of shampoo to clean the hair.
  • The Botox mixture is applied after drying the hair. It is applied on the hair and left for 45 to 50 minutes.
  • After the treatment, the hair is washed and straightened with the help of heating tools to lock in the products.
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What to do after hair botox?

If you want to see the good effect of hair botox treatment, then after the treatment keep these things in mind-

Wash hair 72 hours post treatment

It is to be kept in mind that wash the hair only after 72 hours of hair botox treatment. After the treatment, you should use only sulfate or paraben free shampoo. Along with this, use conditioner to remove dryness in hair. The less you wash your hair immediately after treatment, the longer the effect of the treatment will last.

apply hair mask

Hair needs deep conditioning after hair botox treatment. Don’t forget to apply a hydrating hair mask 10 days after the treatment. While applying the hair mask, apply the mask from root to tip of the hair. This will save hair from pollution and dryness.

avoid the sun

Avoid going in the sun after hair botox. UV rays damage the hair and the effect of the treatment does not last long. If you have to go out, wear a scarf or hat.

What not to do after hair botox?

Instead of doing hair botox treatment at home, get it done by an expert. After this process, some things should be avoided like-

Do not heat the hair everyday

Do not use straighteners, dryers or curlers on your hair on a daily basis. Let the hair dry naturally to dry. For styling hair, adopt folding technique in which heat is not used.

avoid hair color

You should avoid coloring hair after hair botox. One should wait for 2 to 3 weeks after hair botox. Chemicals are present in hair colors which can cause hair damage. Hair color damages hair cuticles and Botox treatment becomes baser.

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By taking care of the above mentioned tips, you will get to see the best result of Hair Botox on the hair. If you liked the article, don’t forget to share it.

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