A Good Person can be a good artist,
but it is not necessary that a good artist will be a good person. – Diljott

We are talking about the almighty type “Diljott”, we cannot define them with one word, because this word limits their function. Diljott highlights her presence in Punjabi movies. The Hindi film with her as the heroine will be released soon. She is undoubtedly a very good actress, but you will be surprised to find that this is just one aspect of Diljott’s personality. She does many tasks side by side.

-Work Profile

What we do know is that Diljott is a recognized name in the Punjabi media industry. She has worked with many famous singers and artists, such as Satinder Sartaaj, Diljit Dosanjh, Happy Raikoti, Jordan Sandhu and so on. She made a lot of Punjabi movies. Now she is making her debut in a Hindi film called “Krispey Rishtey”. The release date of this film will be announced soon. The Punjabi film “Rang Ratta” in collaboration with Roshan Prince will also be released.

-Education Background

She is a well-trained actress and we believe that there is no more qualified artist in the Punjabi film industry than “Diljott”. She performed well in academic training. She is a two-time college-level gold medalist. She studied public policy at Harvard University, the United States; International Development, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada; Master of Human Rights, Punjab University (University Gold Medalist); Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Psychology, Honours, GCG, Punjab University, Chandigarh (University Gold Medalist) and Amity University NGO Management Graduate Course. In addition to her academic achievements, she has been actively involved in many social activities.

-Social Activities

Diljott treats society with a noble attitude and carries out charitable activities. She established a foundation called “Dream Bud Foundation”, which is a registered foundation to realize the unrealized dreams of disadvantaged groups. The foundation performed well during Covid 19, so on Independence Day 2021, the Punjab government awarded it the honor of “Paman Patra” in Mohari. On August 20th, she was also named an inspirational woman by the “Dream Chaser” of India’s Inspirational Women Award.

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Diljott has done a great job in all aspects of her life. She is very gentle by nature. We wish her a bright future.